Statistics of Women Serving in the U.S. Military:

Demographics of the U.S. Military. Today, women represent 16 percent of the enlisted forces, and 18 percent of the officer corps.

women represent 16 percent of the enlisted forces

Statistic of Women Veterans in crisis

There are 1.9 million women Veterans, making women a significant minority amongst Veterans because they make up 9.4% of the Veteran population. It is estimated that 1–2% of all women Veterans and 13–15% of women Veterans living in poverty experience homelessness over the course of a year.

Healthcare Education Support

Diabetes Management:

Our resource Center provides Diabetes Self-Management Education and support services help economically disadvantaged women living with diabetes learn how to take the best care of themselves. Our referrel resource service works in unisome with a local diabetes education program that is certified by the American Diabetes Association to assist women living in poverty without access to healh insurance, transportation or resources needed recieve diabetes self management.

Statistics for People living with diabetes:

Diabetes is a chronic (long-lasting) disease that affects how your body turns food into energy. There are three main types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes (diabetes while pregnant). More than 122 million Americans are living with diabetes (34.2 million) or prediabetes (88 million).